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PrizeRebel Guide: Earning Points For Your Free Prize

So you've signed up to earn your free prize from PrizeRebel. But are you having trouble making your way around the site? This PrizeRebel guide aims to help new users learn the best methods to generate points.

PrizeRebel is the best site on the internet to earn free game related prizes (such as game cards) or any custom product order from many great retailers. It is easy to use and simply involves completing offers and surveys in return for points. The PrizeRebel FAQ, Tutorial and Facebook page are great places to learn more.

If you are not convinced that PrizeRebel is the site for you then stop by the testimonial section to see some of the prizes PrizeRebel has given out for free.

PrizeRebel - Instant 36 Points!

If you are looking to get some quick points on PrizeRebel you can instantly earn some points by liking them on Facebook (1 point), download the PrizeRebel toolbar (25 points) and filling in all your profile information (10 points).

More Easy Points on PrizeRebel:

If you want a break from earnings points or are just a few points shy of your desired prize there are two easy ways to get points without completing on offer. You can use both these methods an unlimited number of times.

This method focuses on redeeming promo codes which PrizeRebel regularly gives out to its users to share with other members. Each promo code is worth 3 points and can quickly add up.

Your first resouce is this forum thread on the official PrizeRebel forums where members share promo codes with eachother. By checking this thread on a regular basis you can easy get some points for doing nothing.

The second location is the official PrizeRebel Facebook page where users also post extra promo codes from time to time, the screenshot below shows where to find these:

PrizeRebel Basic Overview:

PrizeRebel has been a trusted get paid to (GPT) site since 2007 and has given out millions of dollars worth of prizes to its members in that time. Through offers and contests you earn points on PrizeRebel which then can be used to purchase gaming cards, Amazon products, Ebay items, Paypal cashout and any other custom order that you are after.

Every 100 points on PrizeRebel you earn is equivalent to $1 (United States), with most free offers rewarding users with up to 100 points it is very easy to earn the points you need for your prize.Most offers take only 30 seconds to a minute to complete.

For anyone with spare time on their hands I suggest using PrizeRebel. Whether you're after an item on Amazon, some Riot Points for League of Legends or a nice gift for your girlfriend PrizeRebel has you covered. By mastering how Prizerebel works you can become a top earner.


Completing Your First Offer

To complete your first offer on PrizeRebel follow the directions below, once you master completing offers you'll be able to regularly redeem free prizes.

  • Login to your account and visit the home page. You should take notice of the recently credited section near the top of the page, this is always a great place to start earning points. 
  • Below you can see that I've selected the 'Most Credited Offers' section which is another great place to start. I've decided to sign up for Pirate101 so I click on the 'Complete' button alongside it. To get credit for offers you must always use the PrizeRebel provided link so that they can track your completion.
  • You should always ensure to read the requirements carefully to also ensure credit.
  • After pressing the 'Complete' button you'll be redirected to a page where you can complete your offer. Simply fill in your information and register your game account:
  • After registering your account on Pirate101 you'll be sent a confirmation email and as per the offer instructions you must click the activation like in that email for credit on PrizeRebel. You are allowed to use your non-primary email address on signup offers.

PrizeRebel Guide - Earn Points WIth Offers

Completing Offers - Offers Page
Offers are when you complete a specific task on PrizeRebel in reward for points. These are the bread and butter of earning points.  

The most common offers available are sign-up offers where you simply register for a website.

To earn the most points on PrizeRebel you need to be sure that a high percentage of the offers you complete will be credited. A great place to start is the recently credited offers page.

There are also some great step-by-step guides available for more detailed information which I highly recommend reading: 

The Official PrizeRebel Offer Guide
FroBroh's Offer Guide

External Offers - External Offers Page
External Offers are very similar to the offers already available on PrizeRebel. The difference is that these offers are provided by sites outside of PrizeRebel, allowing offer veterans to have tonnes of new potential offers. 

It is also a great section to visit if you don't like or cannot get approved for any PrizeRebel based offers. Common offers here include downloads, videos and surveys.

For more info see the external offers page.

Tasks - Tasks Page
Tasks are the easiest, quickest and most simply way to earn points on PrizeRebel and are a great way for any new user on PrizeRebel to start. 

You are able to complete tasks several times and you are rewarded upon completing each task. The more accurate you are in completing tasks the more tasks that will be available for you.

Tasks are mostly made up of simple Google searches to complete and then verify the results (extremely easy to complete).

For more info check out the official tasks section on PrizeRebel

10 Quick PrizeRebel Offer Tips

  • Clear your cookies before attempting an offer.
  1. Use a new email address for every few offers (it cannot be a disposable or temporary email), Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are fine.
  2. Allow pages to fully load and remain on the final offer page for a few minutes after completion.
  3. Read carefully what is required and complete every step.
  4. Don't forget to always check out the daily offers!
  5. The best place to start is the high approval rate offers, you can filter the offers page to display this. You can also view the stats of any offer to see how many people have been credited over the past few days.
  6. If you decide a particular offer isn't for you, you can click the ignore button to not see it in your search results.
  7. Start small - The smallest point reward offers are often the easiest and have good approval rates, making them a great place to start.
  8. Always check back regularly, PrizeRebel constantly adds new offers.
  9. Finally, don't get discouraged if you have a string of offers not approve, it happens to the best of us.

You can see the different PrizeRebel account levels in the picture above. These account levels are unlocked when you reach the required number of offers or referrals.

The levels aim to reward long time users with increased referral percentages, increased raffle tickets for completing offers and allow them to get instant prize codes (Silver level and above).

Raffle Tickets
You earn raffle tickets on PrizeRebel for referring another user or completing an offer (the number is based on your account level).

These raffle tickets are then used to enter the raffles that PrizeRebel hosts. There is a monthly jackpot and many other random raffles throughout the month including prizes such as games, computer accessories and PayPal cash.

Claiming Your Prize
Now the part where all your hard effort pays off. You've earned your PrizeRebel points through offers and now you want to choose a great prize.

PrizeRebel offers many Online Game Cards, Gift Cards and PayPal Cashout (PayPal is only available on referral earnings or contest winnings). You are also able to place a custom order from over a hundred great retailers (Amazon & Ebay included).

Prizes from PrizeRebel can take 2-3 working days to process. With Silver Level Members receiving all code related gifts instantly.

Below are some added things to consider when requesting a prize.

  • All custom orders are final, so be careful with your prize choice.
  • If you wish to order a common item, don't forget to shop around and find the best deal to save yourself some points.
  • The custom prize claim section is great for non-US PrizeRebel users and there is even a converter to allow you to adjust for currency differences (as 1 point = USD$1).
  • All Ebay orders must be "Buy It Now" and the merchant must accept PayPal.
  • If your custom prize request is denied check your email for further information.