Monthly Get Anything For Free Giveaway!

Here at Get Anything For Free we love free stuff (and we know that you do as well). So every month we reward 10 visitors to our website with a free goodie of their choice. Simply enter below using your email address or Facebook account to gain a single entry into our giveaway. Our giveaways are supported by (see the image below) and we highly recommend them if you want to earn free gift cards on a regular basis.

You can earn more entries by completing other tasks such as liking us on Facebook, Tweeting about our giveaway, sharing us on your Google+ circle or telling your friends about our giveaway.

At the end of every month we contact all winners through their registration method and your name will be added to our winners list. We make sure that entering is extremely easy and that we provide a good range of products for winners to choose from. You’ll find more information and questions to common questions further down the page.

Entry Opportunities: Enter email/Facebook. Answer a quick question. Tweet the giveaway or follow Games Finder on Twitter for more entries.


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How do I enter?
Simply use your email or Facebook account. You can earn additional entries by sharing our website and giveaway.

How do I receive my prize?
After selecting your preferred prize we’ll email you a code for the prize you want. This is the quickest method since you don’t have to wait for a gift card to be shipped to your address. We’ll also include a photo of the official gift card for verification.

What are my chances of winning?
We give out 10 prizes every month, but your chance to win depends on the number of entries you have and the total entries (you can see both above).

Do I have to be published on your winners list?
We promise to not share any information that would compromise your identity (see our winners list below). If for some reason you don’t want to be shown on the list then just let us know when we send your prize.

What are the prizes I can win?
We try to offer a variety of prizes that cater to a large audience, winners must select one of the following prizes:

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card (US,UK or CA)
  • $10 League of Legends Game Card
  • $10 Rixty Game Card (since June 2013 because UGC has been discontinued)
  • $10 Steam Wallet Card
  • $10 Game Card (this can be premium currency or membership for any game up to the value of $10 at our discretion).


Previous Winners:

NamePrize SelectedDate
Olivia JOtherApril 2015
Jazzy DSteamApril 2015
Evan TSteamApril 2015
Jake LOtherApril 2015
Tyra ARiot PointsApril 2015
Jermaine EOtherApril 2015
Kari ASteamApril 2015
Matt ORiot PointsApril 2015
Kiana RAmazonApril 2015
Louise WAmazonApril 2015
Alicia RRiot PointsMarch 2015
Yaser DAmazonMarch 2015
Marty MRiot PointsMarch 2015
Paul BAmazonMarch 2015
Gligor VSteamMarch 2015
Kevin RSteamMarch 2015
Eggsy AAmazonMarch 2015
Liz VOtherMarch 2015
Walid NOtherMarch 2015
Kevin WAmazonMarch 2015
Steve SAmazonFebruary 2015
Carley MOtherFebruary 2015
Jake LSteamFebruary 2015
Melissa DSteamFebruary 2015
Jasmin hRiot PointsFebruary 2015
Dinar ORiot PointsFebruary 2015
Mona MSteamFebruary 2015
Andrea BAmazonFebruary 2015
Emily PAmazonFebruary 2015
Giulia BSteamFebruary 2015
Poi CSteamJanuary 2015
Sibu NAmazonJanuary 2015
Karll SSteamJanuary 2015
Jon MSteamJanuary 2015
Paige BAmazonJanuary 2015
Diahan CAmazonJanuary 2015
Michelle MAmazonJanuary 2015
Catherine BRiot PointsJanuary 2015
Sergio GAmazonJanuary 2015
Susan WRiot PointsJanuary 2015
Bec DAmazonDecember 2014
Mitch COtherDecember 2014
Jesse CSteamDecember 2014
Paul MSteamDecember 2014
Jenna WAmazonDecember 2014
Kylie ARiot PointsDecember 2014
Tanya WSteamDecember 2014
Charlotte FRixtyDecember 2014
Scott KRixtyDecember 2014
Leah TSteamDecember 2014
Amy RSteamNovember 2014
Ann GRixtyNovember 2014
Toni FOtherNovember 2014
Martin MRixtyNovember 2014
Eric LOtherNovember 2014
Daniel LRixtyNovember 2014
Rov YSteamNovember 2014
Shay DRiot PointsNovember 2014
Evan SAmazonNovember 2014
David BSteamNovember 2014
Ryan QRixtyOctober 2014
Jenny LOtherOctober 2014
Ali EAmazonOctober 2014
Sharni FSteamOctober 2014
Josh PSteamOctober 2014
Cheryl MAmazonOctober 2014
Mark HRixtyOctober 2014
Sara SRiot PointsOctober 2014
Kezz MRiot PointsOctober 2014
Sammy KAmazonOctober 2014
Maha ARixtySeptember 2014
Meera SRiot PointsSeptember 2014
Pien DRiot PointsSeptember 2014
Dale WAmazonSeptember 2014
Kieran FAmazonSeptember 2014
Chris CSteamSeptember 2014
Elsa PRixtySeptember 2014
Hannah DRiot PointsSeptember 2014
Jayne HSteamSeptember 2014
Shenoa DOtherSeptember 2014
Hampus RAmazonAugust 2014
Jacob ZOtherAugust 2014
Alannah MRiot PointsAugust 2014
Paige TRiot PointsAugust 2014
Sven LRixtyAugust 2014
Janaya NAmazonAugust 2014
Selpa FAmazonAugust 2014
Oliwer DRixtyAugust 2014
Sarah YAmazonAugust 2014
Joel HRixtyAugust 2014
Brad SRixtyJuly 2014
Paddy WRiot PointsJuly 2014
Ryan BAmazonJuly 2014
Ashlee EAmazonJuly 2014
Dylan SSteamJuly 2014
Carlie KAmazonJuly 2014
Dylan LSteamJuly 2014
Darcy ARixtyJuly 2014
Nathan BRixtyJuly 2014
Chris MAmazonJune 2014
Alicia MSteamJune 2014
Sarah POtherJune 2014
Sabastian POtherJune 2014
Sam DRixtyJune 2014
Jesse McLellanSteamJune 2014
Sarah KSteamJune 2014
Blake ASteamJune 2014
Elise SAmazonJune 2014
Keah HSteamJune 2014
Leiza VAmazonMay 2014
Steph LAmazonMay 2014
Adele POtherMay 2014
Vanessa JUGCMay 2014
Douglas JRiot PointsMay 2014
Joel GSteamMay 2014
Bradley RSteamMay 2014
Cassandra BSteamMay 2014
Robert JOtherMay 2014
Sheridan MAmazonMay 2014
Errin WUGCApril 2014
Nadine MUGCApril 2014
Tommy TOtherApril 2014
Abigail AAmazonApril 2014
Alex OSteamApril 2014
Jonas FUGCApril 2014
Rika MAmazonApril 2014
Astrid GAmazonApril 2014
Nuri YOtherApril 2014
Malek BRiot PointsApril 2014